Catherine Boyd Violinist

Friday, July 2, 2010

New Website,

Please let me introduce myself: I'm Catherine Boyd, and I'm a violinist living in South Jersey. I play weddings, I teach violin, and I'm happily married to Steve Kuzma (who is an internationally known artist: I'm brand new at web design and took a stab at it recently: I love playing weddings, and even though it's scary to learn something new, I love having a brand new website. It's a joy knowing that it's all mine, and that if I need to make changes to it at 3am, I'm not bothering someone else! It's a relief to have your own thing, you know? 

I would keep going, but I have weddings and gigs all weekend and I need to prepare for them. So please exchange links with me, and I'm very happy to share what I'm learning about web design. You can watch me as I improve and develop. And please: if you're getting married in South Jersey, I LOVE playing weddings and I am happy to help you! Thank you!

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