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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

September 18 wedding in Haddon Heights

UPDATE: My new Harp/violin track of Ave Maria, I love it so much:

I am still in awe of Becky's wedding on September 18th. There are many fine reasons. First of all, mom Midge had me play for her OTHER daughter's wedding last year, and also for a private house party (electric violin + amp + bluegrass and classic rock = party). So I felt a connection to the family, and a real feeling of trust and peace from them.

The wedding was a gorgeous Catholic Mass. They entrusted me with Ave Maria, which is one of my FAVORITE songs of all time. I really feel that the Virgin comes to me when I play it. Poor Becky almost lost it, and looked at her mom. They knew I was really connected to them and wanted all the love and peace to come to them. I also played "Make Me an Instrument of Your Peace" somewhere during the ceremony. The song gives me TRUE PEACE when I play it. I literally go around with it in my head for hours, and it's one of my friends!

Anyway, so they had me come to the hotel afterwards and play Irish music for an hour. With 270 guests, I brought my electric violin (a fine Boyd Tinsley Zeta violin) and amplifier (Fender Acoustasonic Junior, which gives a nice rich sound), turned it up about halfway so they could still talk and not struggle to hear each other, and started an hour of Irish ballads. Little did I know that most of the crowd was from Ireland! What a blast it was, playing for them!

Danny Boy is one of my show stoppers. Some of the rest: Ca' the Yowes, My Lagan Love, Mari's Wedding, Horo My Nut Brown Maiden, Star of County Down, She Moved Through the Fair, Isle of Innisfree, Peg O' My Heart, etc. I had so much fun playing for the Irish crowd. They are really lovely, appreciative, bright, and sweet people. And thank you so much to Midge and her family for entrusting both daughters' weddings to me! I am so honored and had such a good time!



  1. Hey, I like it, I like it! Sounds like real fun! Keep up the good work.
    You Know Who (Susan Smith naybe?)

  2. Catherine, you did an amazing job!! It was great to have you as a part of her wedding day and we really appreciate all of your hard work. All of our guests said you did a great job. And my father-in-law was very impressed with your knowledge of Irish music and your ability to play their requests. Thanks again. -Becky the Bride