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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Swarthmore wedding, 10/10/10

Sometime soon I'll post about the 1920s jazz wedding from the summer. After extensive research, I compiled 4 hours worth of 1920s music into binders so other musicians would be able to accompany me easily. Dan contacted me and had a set of good ideas about the music. He liked the violin and mandolin. For a fuller sound, we added Susan Salmon on guitar. Dan asked for Django jazz (1920s style!) for the prelude and for the receiving line. I was so happy to swing that out! The ceremony tunes were: Obadiah Parker's slow version of "Hey Ya" for the wedding party + Dan, "Here Comes the Sun" for his GORGEOUS bride, Cat Stevens' "Moonshadow" for the candle lighting, and the Beatles' "I've Just a Face" for the Recessional.

For the record, the Swarthmore outdoor amphiteater is a lovely setting. Large stone steps lead down with a raised grassy stage on the opposite side and a large grassy circle at the bottom. We were surrounded by trees. The wedding planners, (I think they're called Plan to Party, and I regret not getting their business card) placed pumpkins, decorative corn, and gourds EVERYWHERE. They had apple cider waiting afterwards. It really was an autumn wonderland. Well done, Dan!

For the prelude and receiving line, Susan and I happily rocked out on: Minor Swing (here's a youtube link for an idea:, Nuages, Sweet Georgia Brown, Sheik of Araby, Five Foot Two, Blue Skies, oh the list goes on...I was so happy after playing for them, with some guests dancing along, that I couldn't get to sleep for hours. Chord changes were dancing in my head! So, honestly, if you would like a more energetic, lively option, please consider my dear colleague Susan Salmon on guitar/mandolin/violin (she does it all) as backup! Oh, the fun we had!

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