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Friday, November 30, 2012

Boyd Salmon Duo available for Christmas Caroler events

I had some great fun recently, getting together with my main guitarist, Susan Salmon. We made some fun little Christmas videos so we could go out in the world and get some holiday party and event work.

Now the fun part: using all my SEO resources to get the word out! So really, this post will be half Christmas music discussion and half SEO joy. I really enjoy doing this stuff.

We're looking for some extra jobs this month in the greater Philadelphia metro area, as well as surrounding local parts of New Jersey and Delaware. Here are all the ways to get in touch with us and hear our music!

1. Pinterest link with all four videos:

2. Such a pretty tumblr:

3. Because I enjoy befriending google, here is our Google+ page:

4. Updated LinkedIn profile (I'm considering an ad on LinkedIn, too):

5. My fun youtube channel:

6. A tweet to connect you to my twitter activity:

7. My webpage for the Boyd Salmon Duo:

Thank you, everyone, and have a happy and healthy holiday!


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